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The electric car concept might be a neat idea. But it may seem impractical for those who are faced with waiting times while the car is charging.Depending on the type of charging station used, charging times can range from 30 minutes at a Level 3 public charging station to an hour at a home charging station.

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Earlier this month, Purdue University announced that its engineers might come up with a solution to this specific problem with a new patent-pending charging station cable. Which can fully charge some electric cars in less than five minutes. It should be noted, though, that the prototype hasn't been tested with an EV, according to Purdue's announcement.

In partnership with Ford Motor Co. Ford has funded research and development projects.

Ford is committed to making the transition to electrification easy, said Matt Stover, director of charging. energy service and Ford's business development said in a statement We are happy to support Purdue's research, which has the potential to produce electric vehicles and Owning a commercial fleet is more attractive and accessible.

How fast can it be charged?

Issam Mudawar, a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, and his students V.S. Devahdhanush and Seunghyun Lee were able to build a prototype charging cable that could tackle one of the main obstacles to fast EV charging - overheating.

basically Overheating occurs when too much power is transmitted through the cable. more power the cable will become even hotter. And if it's too hot, it can cause harmful effects.

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