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BombingSLOT XOhouses with drones to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister
Reuters reported on November 7 this said. A drone attacked the home of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadimi in Baghdad's Green Zone earlier this morning. As a result, the Prime Minister's security officers were injured 6, the Prime Minister was safe.

such an attack The Iraqi military said it was an assassination attempt on al-Khadimi. It comes after clashes broke out between protesters on October 10. With Iraqi police on November 5, one person was killed in an outside area adjacent to the Green Zone. which is the highest security zone Because it is the location of the palace, government offices and embassies of various nations.

The Iraqi Army issued a statement describing the attack, saying: Targeted directly at the prime minister's residence, however, Mr Al-Khadimi is safe, while the Iraqi Prime Minister's Twitter account itself. Similarly stated that Mr Al-Kadimi not in any way harmed and urged all parties to remain calm

US State Department spokesman Ned Price The statement condemned the case and described it as "seemingly terrorism", reiterating that US authorities were in contact with Iraqi security forces to offer assistance and help investigate the case.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, this happened after a group of protesters. They disagreed with the electoral process and vote counting in the October 10 general election. Protesters in Baghdad threw stones and objects at officials, injuring several. They were retaliated with tear gas and live ammunition. until one of the protesters died. The protests were backed by Iranian-backed armed forces.

the result of the election As a result, Mr. Al-Kadimi Become prime minister and weaken the influence of Iranian pro-Iranian forces that have been expanding into the Iraqi parliament and government in recent times. According to independent analysts Mr Al-Kadimi It was chosen because people were dissatisfied with the ruling Iranian pro-government group in 2019 and heavily cracked down on protests. causing nearly 100 deaths.

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