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- World's first organ ThisSLOTXOgame is a game that comes in 3 horizontal rows, 5 vertical rows, and has many different symbols such as silver coins, Buddha statues, dragon rings and pagodas, and symbols that every game or most games will find. A must-have is AKQJ 10 and the special symbol is the Empress, which serves as the Wild and the Pagoda symbol. that acts as a Scatter and the payout rate can be increased and decreased according to the amount of our bet. transplant by Dr. Robert Montgomery Montgomery from New York University, New York, has successfully implanted a genetically modified pig kidney in the human body. which announced its brain death for the first time late last month. Doctors claim it is the path towards finding sustainable organ transplant farms in the future.

Scarier than science fiction, the AP reported today (Oct. 20) when footage of Montgomery's interview was published in the USA Today newspaper. A pig's kidney was shown attached to the upper leg of a woman who was declared brain dead. And the family of the deceased has donated her body for a cross-species transplant study.

Dr. Robert Montgomery Montgomery of New York University, NYU, describes his study where organ "kidneys" from genetically modified pigs were attached to the bodies of recently deceased patients and survived using ventilators. The surgery attaches a creepy image of a pig kidney to a female patient's thigh. and there is a yellow bag with a small tube attached to the active kidneys of pigs

The surgery took place on September 25 in Montgomery. “The purpose of the study is to provide the first empirical evidence that there is compelling research on organ transplantation in the search for organ farms," ​​said lead surgeon at New York University's NYU LAGONE Medical Center. for a sustainable transplant in the future

In a report from the United States newspaper USA Today, Montgomery points out that today we are stuck in a situation where one human being must die in order to save the other. And with the growing demand for organ transplants. The person-to-person situation is no longer applicable. According to NYU experts, "What we need right now is a sustainable and renewable source of organ transplants."

The AP reports that a team of scientists implanted a pig kidney in the human body and watched it start working, a small step forward that experts believe someday in the future they will be able to use what is known as a xeno or animal transplant to help. human life

It's an idea that originated in the 17th century when animal blood was used to replace human blood.

in the process Pig kidneys are transplanted outside the body of a deceased brain-dead patient. and fed by a pair of aorta So that the specialist can observe the work for two days. It acts as expected, filtering waste and producing urine. and no resistance

“It works normally,” Montgomery said. who led the transplant surgery team and point out “There is no immediate denial when we are concerned.”

Another expert who was not part of the research team was Dr. Andrew Adams of the University of Minnesota College of Medicine. Confirmation of the success of the use of pig liver grafts on the bodies of brain-dead patients is regarded as It is a "major breakthrough", explaining that it will reassure patients, researchers and directors that "We're on the right track."

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