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World Mosquito ProjectSLOTXOvolunteers show Volbagia mosquito eggs and food in mosquito tanks. in Yogyakarta Indonesia on October 13 (Reuters)

Indonesian researchers invent a good mosquito breeding against Aedes aegypti Decrease in dengue cases by 77%
On November 1, Reuters reported that Researchers from Indonesia have found a way to deal with dengue-carrying mosquitoes. by breeding mosquitoes with Volbagia bacteria That can prevent viruses such as dengue from growing in the body of mosquitoes.

Volbagia is a common bacterium that is present in approximately 60% of the insect species, including mosquitoes, whiteflies, giant moths, dragonflies and some butterflies. However, this bacterium is not found in Aedes mosquitoes. which is a carrier of dengue hemorrhagic fever According to information from the World Mosquito Project. (WMP), the non-profit organization that initiated this research.

WMP leader Purwanti said: In principle, we will breed good mosquitoes. And when dengue-carrying mosquitoes mate with good mosquitoes that carry the Volbagia bacteria, they will continue to produce mosquitoes carrying the Volbagia bacteria. Therefore, if these mosquitoes bite humans, it will not affect humans.

Since 2017, a joint study has been conducted by the WMP Group at Australia's Monash University and Indonesia's Gadjah Mada University. Breeding Volbagia mosquitoes in the lab were released. Go to the red area where dengue fever is spreading in Yogyakarta. Indonesia The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in June, said: The release of mosquitoes carrying the Volbagia bacteria reduced the number of dengue cases by up to 77% and reduced hospitalizations by up to 86%.

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