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The Sapiens claiming toSLOTXObe the world's first digital state have protested the installation of a giant golden gorilla statue named Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo. patted Ohio in 2016 with another 10,000 bananas to show that Wall Street And high-tech companies such as Facebook are unable to reach the feelings of ordinary people.

US media CNN reported today (Oct. 27) in front of HQ. Or Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley, Calif., it found something unusual happened on Tuesday (26).

The Sapien Tribe, claiming to be the world's first digital state, protested by installing a seven-foot-tall, golden gorilla statue in front of the entrance. In the area below, 10,000 bananas are lined up.

US media say the giant gorilla, known as Harambe, was shot to death at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio in 2016, when a giant gorilla statue was erected in protest. the world sees The dominant domains created by financial institutions such as Wall Street or tech empires such as Facebook have all ignored the needs of ordinary people.

The Sapien Tribe is an organization that fights for human rights, stating that its goal is to put first the basic needs and well-being of humanity and our planet.

In protest, one of the organization's founders, Ankit Bhatia, claimed that the development of social media platforms has enabled human beings to experience different societies from the existing ones. It is the result of technological advancements but is directed by people rather than by algorithms.

And soon after the group installed the statue, it was found that it was removed immediately after.

A spokesman for the Sapien tribe told CNN that before the apes appeared on Facebook's HQ, it had been temporarily installed to protest Wall Street without permission. Officially, the spokesperson said it was clear that Harambe giant gorilla statue will appear elsewhere Not disclosed across the US definitely next

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