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Plasters are used to cover the wound so that it does not touch the outer dirt that can infect the wound. And used to provide first aid for certain types of wounds urgently, such as sharp cuts or abrasions.

but in fact Not all wounds should be covered with plaster.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that a bandage is a bandage made of gauze with an adhesive strip on the back. Helps absorb fluid from wounds. Make the wound dry and heal faster. Helps to press the wound to reduce pain and help prevent various pathogens enter the body through the wound This can cause inflammation or infection.

Why does the wound need to be covered with plaster?
wound time The most important thing to look out for is infection, where bacteria enter the skin opening. and then spread into the subcutaneous tissue or organs close to the wound Cause severe infection, swelling, foul smell, pus, so when the wound The wound should be cleaned properly. should not be neglected

After the wound is done Plastering will help protect the wound from infection. and help absorb the fluid from the wound Be careful not to let the plaster get wet. if the plaster is wet The plaster should be replaced immediately. And the plaster should be replaced every day. It will help the wound dry faster.

What kind of wound should be covered with plaster?
the wound is large Should choose a type of plaster that is tightly closed. or semi-closed to maintain moisture

Medium-sized wounds or ulcers on the palms, knees, and other areas that rub against clothing or easily exposed to dirt should choose to use adhesive plaster which should be waterproof along with ventilation holes to make when the wound is closed The wound will be clean, not damp, not infected with diseases that may come with water.

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