26 Oct 2021 - 07:44:25
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Viewpoint: 'Why most men should pay on first dates'

Anne Rucchetto, 27, is a writer living in Toronto, Canada. As part of the BBC's 100 Women series, she writes about why it matters who picks up the bill.

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When I first began dating, my mother warned me that there was "no such thing as a free drink".

She would elaborate gravely: "Men will think you owe them something."

I know my mother didn't mean to fill me with dread, but her statement left me troubled each time I met someone new. It took me time to relinquish
the sense of obligation I felt to men who covered the cost of my $5 beer - but since then, I've never looked back.

As someone who's been dating since the age of 14, I've spent a lot of time thinking and talking about ways to find a great partner, as well as what
behaviours to look for when meeting someone for the first time.

These days finding a date is easier than ever, with apps and online communities for people of every conceivable orientation, identity, and background.

But who should pay for the first date always sparks a spirited conversation.

I used to embrace the logic that for women to be treated as equal to men, we should pay for our own share, and split the bill with our date.
To make sure that's never a problem, I've always suggested affordable dating venues - cheap and cheerful restaurants, dive bars, gigs, parks.

About five years ago my friends and teachers introduced me to ideas that made me question that approach.

I became aware of feminist writers like Gloria Jean Watkins (known by her pen name bell hooks) who made me think about who benefits most from
the current structure of society. She and others got me thinking about the way power functions at the every level, including small individual exchanges.

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