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Mark Zuckerberg opened upSLOTXOafter Facebook's downfall and has been hit by a number of parties that prioritize revenue and profits over user safety on the platform. especially with children and youth

On October 6, 2021, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted on the "Facebook" platform to "open up" about the issue. After the Facebook platform crashes, it has been affected by a number of parties that prioritize revenue and profits over user safety. with the following message

Hello everyone last week A lot of things happened And I want to share my opinion with everyone.

The first was the Facebook platform crash. This was the worst in years and over the last 24 hours. The team is trying to find a way to prevent it. to prevent this from happening again.

However, after the platform crashes Not afraid that people will use competitor's platform. Or worried about losing money but worried about people who need Platform services to communicate with close people Business Administration including community support

meanwhile In previous incidents, Facebook was attacked for ignoring research findings. see that the platform promotes the use of hate speech (Hate Speech) and leaves it on the platform Attract more users as the company grows instead of being controlled by the company.

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