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Israel hasxo walletconfirmed a case of a Promotions to beat the rich all day long. Just deposit money at different times and receive additional credits for free. In fact, you can withdraw the full amount of all Baht and all Satan. Another special thing that the 168 Slotxo considers important. And sign up ready to give you this privilege! new coronavirus mutant subspecies of the coronavirus, considered the first in the country. After previously such subspecies were found in some European countries. Urges Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to hold an emergency meeting with health ministry officials.

"AY 4.2 mutation found in many European countries. Found in Israel," the Israeli Ministry of Health said in a statement released Tuesday evening.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said an 11-year-old boy from Europe was a carrier of the virus. It said the case was found at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport. The boy was quarantined and no other close acquaintances were found.

News reports indicate that AY 4.2 mutations have been found in several cases in the UK.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called an emergency meeting with health ministry officials on Wednesday. and said Israel would take measures "To maintain good results in the fight against the virus," said a statement from the Prime Minister's Council.

Bennett calls for increased epidemiological investigations into the new mutation. and called for coordination with other countries that have also detected the mutant subspecies.

The report states that Israel will consider changes in the requirements for inbound travelers.

However, François Balloux, director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London, told AFP: This subspecies is extremely rare. And it doesn't seem to increase the risk of transmission like other strains.

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