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The AP news agencySLOT ONLINEreported on October 3 that a fire broke out in a section of an industrial bridge. It is a historic iron bridge across the Tiber River in Rome, Italy. It will take firefighters until midnight to successfully extinguish the fire until 4:00 AM.

News reports said no one was hurt in the incident. But officials had to evacuate villagers who had been drinking at three nightclubs along the Tiber River. Popular nightlife for young people

Local media in Italy said The fire was caused by a homeless man's hut built on the bank of a river near a bridge. It is believed to have been caused by an explosion from a gas cylinder used by homeless people to cook. that has been set on fire many times

The outer part of the bridge, used as a pedestrian walkway across the river with a shoulder bridge below which supports power lines, telephones, etc., was damaged, according to news reports. Fell into the Tiber River . Rome Firefighters Confirmed via Twitter that The bridge itself was damaged so much that it was too dangerous to operate normally. You must wait for the repair to complete before you can turn it back on.

The bridge was completed in 1863 when Pope Pio IX officially opened it. It was the last large structure built under Rome's supervision. Under the Pope's authority before becoming the capital of Italy The inhabitants of Rome often referred to it as the “Iron Bridge” or “Iron Bridge” and was originally built to serve as a railway bridge. before being improved to be able to walk and support cars to pass through in the end

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Fire plays an important role in dreams, especially if you dream about car on fire or another vehicle that symbolizes life.

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