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It is expected that Morexo walletthan half of office workers may continue to work from home and a new way of working life requires you to be more independent and self-control. Although it's a good thing that many people don't have to travel far. No risk of infection but vice versa. Working from home is bad for your health. And your normal life should become unusual. Now let's take a look at what impact Work from Home can have on your life.

It's hard to keep work and home life separate.
In fact, working from home may not be what many people dream of. Because working from home can hurt your mental state quite a bit. Because from having a home as a safe zone to awaken and comfort yourself in order to live another life that is not a job But working from home brings work into life's safe zone. And of course, we can't clearly divide our working lives if we're still at home. Because if the office room at home is the bedroom I turned around and saw a bed. He looked at the table and saw work. These keep the work in your life. causing you unconsciously stressed

You have unconsciously reduced your time spent in society.
Working from home can keep you from paying attention to office talk. or update the life of a colleague But that's it It's everyday life that should happen. From the one who used to spend 8 hours a day with friends at work turned out to be sitting in front of a computer screen alone eat alone You will feel a little lonely. Because the computer screen is full of work and work. This should make your mental health quite sick.

It's hard for you to motivate yourself.
If you have to work from home I ask you to say goodbye to the word motivate yourself. Because working at home makes you feel comfortable because you don't have to travel, don't have to wake up to shower, get dressed, and don't have a boss to check the work at the back. Best of all, you'll be working in your pajamas all day. That's not a good thing because your feelings will get sluggish. and did not feel the need to motivate himself to finish the job as quickly as possible but will leave it for the rest of the day because he doesn't want to do it until being asked again to do so

Lack of good coordination in the team
Working from home has been reported to have a negative effect on creativity. because you must be alone while working at the office You'll encounter people who disagree or disagree that will make you more creative.

At the same time, the coordination in the team It's not a very good thing to do when you have to work from home. Especially if you want to solve problems that require The power of teamwork has come to the rescue. It wouldn't be easy if everyone was still in front of the computer screen. And many people probably think about going to work at the office. And more brainstorming to come up with new ideas at work than sitting in front of a computer screen at home feeling dizzy.

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