17 Oct 2021 - 06:53:43
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The global economy is recovering fromSLOTXOthe Covid-19 crisis. It faced repeated heavy hurdles and risks that weighed on growth until last week. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its forecast for global economic growth this year from 6% to 5.9%.

Among the world's top seven industrialized economies (G-7), the US was downgraded the most by 1%, from 7% to 6%. "Supply problems" and delta species from COVID-19 Meanwhile, China, the world's second largest economy outside the G-7, fell 0.1% from 8.1% to 8% while warning of global supply chain problems.

Moody's Analytics, a Moody's Group company, warns that global supply chain issues are getting worse. because it was under intense tension Both the shortage of computer chip ports. congestion problem Truck drivers are shortages, etc., which will increase the price of goods. Causing the global economic recovery to slow down “Unfortunately, while the global economic recovery continues to accelerate. But now it is clear that it will be hindered by supply chain issues.”

Control borders and limit movement The world cannot provide equal vaccines. including consumer demand that has existed since the lockdown period All of these together are 'Perfect storm' to halt global production As a result, costs and prices will rise. In the end, global GDP will not grow strongly.

There are still many factors that will make supply-side issues particularly challenging in the future, such as the differences in how we deal with COVID-19 by country in the case of China. Set a goal of eliminating COVID to "zero"

But the US is willing to coexist with coronavirus as an endemic disease. This discrepancy creates compliance problems. This affects the movement of workers to and from ports and centers around the world.

It also lacks global cooperation to ensure a smooth global logistics and transportation network. is another important problem

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