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Running is axo wallettype of exercise that is very popular today. Especially running trends such as Virtual Run or virtual running that meet many people's needs very well.

Dr. Korakot Panich, a specialist in orthopedic and sports medicine And Herbalife Nutrition's Nutrition Advisory Board recommends that for anyone interested in running Virtual Run or new to running. should know good tips for novice runners before the actual competition To run fun, healthy and safe.

What do you need to know before starting a run?
Virtual Run is a race where participants must register online. And go out for a run to reach the specified distance, run anywhere, anytime. Then upload the running data to the organizers. It's a race with yourself The advantage is that runners can schedule. able to run on their own Many people expect health benefits such as reduced fat, weight loss, better shape. During the time that I did not go out to meet people during this period But will the expected results be satisfactory or not? need time

If you wish to participate in a competition with a short duration of scheduled events and want to see results seems difficult including those who have never exercised before but suddenly joined the competition without preparation vigorous exercise considered harmful to the body Both in the muscles, bones, joints and heart. If you want good health. healthy body You need to exercise regularly, practice, and know how to know techniques to reduce the chance of injury.

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Very good written article. It will be supportive to anyone who utilizes it, including me.

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