14 Oct 2021 - 07:45:41
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A Chinese man is believed toSLOTXOhave died from gas accumulation after sipping a large bottle of Cola-Cola within 10 minutes. "Clinical and Research on Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases"

The bizarre incident occurred after a 22-year-old patient drank 1.5 liters of Coke in a row to refresh himself in the heat. Daily Mail Report but six hours later He had severe bloating and abdominal pain. until he had to rush to see a doctor at the Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing

The diagnosis revealed that patients believed to have no underlying disease had slow heartbeats and difficulty breathing. Doctors also perform a CT scan, revealing abnormalities in the intestinal wall and portal veins that supply blood to the liver.

News reports reported that hepatic ischemia, also known as "Hepatic shock"

At this point, the doctor tries to protect the patient's life by releasing gas from his digestive system. Injections are also given to help protect the kidneys and other organs from further damage.

However, even the medical team tried their best. This man's condition continued to deteriorate. until later death, approximately 18 hours after treatment.

However, some experts do not believe the man died from drinking too much Coca-Cola. Very unlikely, very low, I mean very unlikely, said Nathan Davies, a professor at University College London. told the Daily Mail.

Experts believe the man's cause of death was more likely a bacterial infection. Bacteria can cause gas cysts in the intestinal wall. and then leak to other organs of the body, such as the portal vein.

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