12 Oct 2021 - 06:45:17
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Red list changes spark family Christmas plans for expats in South Africa

The removal of South Africa from the travel red list is welcome news for British expats Matt and Hannah Pirnie,
who say it will be easier to see their family in the UK again.

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"It's been a long pandemic for us. Not seeing family, not being allowed to go back, but more importantly
grandparents not being able to come here and see their grandkids. It's been a long two years," Matt says.

"First of all when all the airplanes stopped initially - that was quite anxiety provoking - and then to be put
on the red list for so long has just been quite hard to wrap your head around," Hannah adds.

"Taking three children into a prison-like mentality was just a no-go, plus the cost. It's been quite hard really."

She says: "We know now that we can go home if we need to, and we can see parents and be there if anything
happens. And likewise, I just can't wait to get my parents back out here again and hopefully have a family
Christmas this year."

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