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AbdulrazakGames from thisslotxocamp There are many for us to choose to play, all of them are games with simple patterns that are gathered in the betting website, which website is good, easy to break as well, both old and amateur gamblers can play the game together without having to divide. with the style of the game being createdGurnah, Tanzania-born writer. On Thursday (Oct. 7) received the Nobel Prize for Literature. From the work of writing a novel that describes the experience of being a refugee and the impact of colonialism on African culture.

According to the Nobel Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy Gernah, who grew up on the island of Zanzibar. but live in England As a refugee in the late 1960s, there was a celebration of authorship that may indicate the consequences of Colonization and the plight of refugees who fall among the cultural and habitat gaps go clearly

Guernah, who opened his eyes to the world in 1948, began writing at the age of 21 and has produced 10 novels and several short stories. including the acclaimed latest work “Afterlives,” which was published last year.

Although Swahili was his first language, But English became his literary tool, with Gernah receiving 980 billion euros ($1.1 million) in prize money, like other Nobel laureates.

earlier this week Three Nobel laureates have been announced: Medicine, Physics and Chemistry. Peace will be announced on Friday (Oct. 8) and the economy will be announced. on Monday 11 October

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