23 Sep 2021 - 07:21:12
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Pupils to share pandemic stories in BBC scheme

Some 250,000 school pupils will be supported to tell their own stories in a BBC scheme to help
recovery from the pandemic.

There is no need to place bets on trials SLOTXO like before. That is a huge waste of investment.

The BBC 100 Share Your Story project will see BBC stars and staff visiting secondary schools across
the UK to improve students' well-being and story-telling skills.

Director general Tim Davie said the BBC had supported "an entire nation of home learners during
the coronavirus pandemic".

He says: "In 2022 - our centenary year - we will harness the unique power of the BBC to provide
educational support to inspire millions of children and students across the UK."

Pupils will be supported to tell their own stories in class, in the form of a poem, a rap, a film or
a speech.

pikachu chu
01 Oct 2021 - 11:33:21
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