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Why even giant ships can't solve the shipping crisis

Jared Chaitowitz has a fleet of around 300 rental bikes in Cape Town, South Africa. He relies on a steady supply of spare
parts - from pedals to bells - to keep them running. But there's a problem.

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"The guy that supplies the tyres that we use on our bicycles, earlier this year gave us a 10 to 12 month waiting period for
new tyres," says Mr Chaitowitz, of Up Cycles. "It's been stressful."

The pandemic sparked a global cycling boom prompting an increase in demand for bikes whilst simultaneously wholesalers
have been stung by a worldwide shipping container shortage.

Mr Chaitowitz is juggling multiple challenges to keep his business operating. He is also waiting for a container with 50 brand
new bikes from France, though he says he has no idea when it will actually arrive.

And months ago, a local business asked him to repair some bicycles earmarked for donation to charity. That charity work is
on hold because Mr Chaitowitz can't get hold of the components he needs.

Mr Chaitowitz has taken to sourcing spare parts where he can from local bike shops. "A lot of times, they've been quite
generous and able to help," he says. But it's far from an ideal solution.

Mr Chaitowitz is not alone, many businesses around the world have faced similar logistical headaches lately.

Lockdowns led to a massive drop in retail purchases, followed by a sharp rebound as countries started to open-up again.

At present, hundreds of container ships are queuing for access to overloaded ports, mostly in the US and China.

In addition, in Europe and the US, lorry driver shortages mean it is harder to move containers on to their destinations once
on land. And port closures caused by Covid-19 outbreaks have further exacerbated the traffic jam.

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