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Brazil's cumulative death tollfromslotxothe Because besides having fun in slots games, you can also choose to get free credits from slotxo promotions. that the web has prepared to give to members Here you can access the slots game without repeat 24 hours a day. There are more than 100 slots games to choose from, all of them are standard slot games. through international support online slot games with a modern jackpot bonus game system can play here Make money flowing every day. Easy to play. Just have internet. coronavirus exceeded 450,000 on Tuesday amid delays in vaccination programs and experts warn that a new wave of the deadly virus outbreak is creeping in.

Brazil's Ministry of Health reported 2,173 additional deaths in the past 24 hours. As a result, the number of deaths from the novel coronavirus rose to 452,031, the second-highest number in the world after the United States.

The situation is relatively stable. The average number of deaths from COVID-19 last week stood at 1,854 per day, down from more than 3,000 in mid-April.

However, the number of infections has continued to rise since early April, averaging 66,000 a day last week. This has raised concerns among epidemiologists who fear the death toll will also rise further.

With a rate of 215 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, Brazil is the hardest-hit country in the Americas. And it's one of the hardest hit countries in the world.

Experts say the recent rise in infections is partly due to the fact that state and local officials lifted restrictions on the pandemic last month. which the curve began to decrease slightly

meanwhile slow progress The vaccination plans for the people did not improve the situation. So far, only 20% of the 212 million people have received their first dose of vaccine and 9.9% have received both. It's still very little to slow the spread of the virus.

There are also additional concerns. Brazil reports India's first case of Indian mutation in the crew of six ships emblazoned with the Hong Kong flag.

The World Health Organization has declared it a mutation. "Anxiety mutation", like the first mutation found in Brazil. amid concerns that the two mutants may be more dangerous than the original virus.

There is currently no confirmed outbreak of the mutant in India at the local level in Brazil, but Fiocruz Researcher Margaret Dalcolmo, a researcher at the Brazilian Institute of Public Health, cautions that. I think it depends only on time. Indian mutations are very difficult to control, she told CNN.

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