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Health officials prepare vaccine Noslotxowonder why slot games are still games that people play all over the city because slot games can be played for real money. but have to choose the web with credibility Because nowadays, many slots webs have popped up. documents in the city of Abidjan on August 17 during the launch of the Ebola vaccine on August 17 (AFP).

Guinea rushes to detain 58 people after Ebola woman found
The AFP news agency reported that Guinea authorities announced on August 18 that 58 people have been quarantined at home due to contact with an Ebola-positive woman.

over the last weekend Saw an 18-year-old Guinean woman traveling from Labe Guinea to Abidjan, Ivory Coast 1,500 km, infected with Ebola.

Ivory Coast Ebola cases come nearly two months after the UN health agency announced an end to Guinea's second Ebola outbreak. which started last year which resulted in 12 deaths.

Elhudge Mamadou Bah, regional health director in Labe, said there were 58 contacts with women in Labe, but the good news is that no one had symptoms of Ebola at the time. this and the following

Ebola patient driver flies to Abidjan Ivory Coast has become one of the most common Ebola cases. However, as the only center in La Bée that can deal with this communicable disease is packed with coronavirus patients, Ebola-infected people must self-isolate for 21 days.

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