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Singapore prime minister winsslotxodefamation lawsuit Tooth damage 9 million baht
On September 1, the AFP news agency reported that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore. It won separate lawsuits against news site editors and writers for defamation. The Singapore High Court has ordered the two defendants to pay Prime Minister Lee damages totaling S$370,000, or about 9 million baht.

The defendant is Prime Minister Lee. The first is a defamation case against Terry Su, a news editor at online site Cityzen Asia, and another against Rabachini Chanmukhathan, the author of the same news website. He wrote an article in 2019 about Lee Hsien Loong's family controversy about the legacy of former Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew and his father Lee being left behind in a scandalous death.

The Singapore High Court ordered Su to pay S$210,000 in damages to Prime Minister Lee. and in another case A judge ordered the writers to pay Prime Minister Lee S$160,000 in damages, totaling S$370,000.

The Straits Times reported that Prime Minister Lee would use the compensation he received for charity.

Su has begun a public fundraising program to pay damages to Singapore's prime minister Lim Thien, Su's lawyer said. He hopes freedom of speech and freedom of the press of Singaporeans who love freedom will be donated together.

Earlier in March A Singapore court ordered a blogger to pay damages to Lee Hsien Loong, who also sued him for defamation. Raised nearly $100,000 after a blogger shared an article about Lee's involvement in the corruption scandal on Facebook that led to Mr Lee.

The blogger also made a donation to pay damages to the Singaporean leader. which collects enough money in just a few days

Although it has been criticized that prosecution is a tactic often used to silence political opponents in Singapore.

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