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The kidnappersxo slotreleased 42 hostages, including 27 children, who were abducted from a school in central Nigeria 10 days ago, officials said on Saturday (1 day after more than 300 girls were attacked by the group). Armed Kidnapping in the Northwest

“Students, staff and general staff of the Kagara Government College of Science got freedom And the Niger government took him,” Abu Bakr Zani Bello, Niger Governor tweeted.

in the middle of February Armed groups in military uniforms storm the academy. One student was killed and 42 were abducted, 27 were male students, three teachers and the rest were college staff. officials stated

Northwest and Central Nigeria is facing an attack from a heavily armed criminal group known as "Barbarians" who attacked many villages Kill and kidnap villagers after robbing and setting fire to their homes.

On Friday, in the village of Jankebe in Samfara state, criminal groups stormed a government girls' science high school in less than three months at a third school in the country, an incident reminiscent of kidnapping. A female student Shi was waved almost 7 years ago by a jihadist group.

Police Headquarters join the military "Started a joint search and rescue operation to help the 317 students," police spokesman Mohammed Chehu said.

The situation in Jangbe is tense. The villagers expressed their anger at the journalists and security guards who entered the village.

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