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After the Taliban returned to slotsslotxotechnology has been developed. by a team of international programmers with expertise, modernity, providing new experiences to play a good game You can play slot games. without interruption Whether it is a slot game, fish shooting game or other slot games New games are constantly being updated. Can play before other sites for sure. occupy Afghanistan successfully. Analysts have begun to focus on the position of "China" in the game of befriending Islamists. It is expected that Beijing may hope to take advantage of Afghanistan's natural resources. In particular, those rare minerals are estimated to be worth at least $1 trillion.

The structure of the global economy has changed dramatically in the two decades after the United States. It led the military's 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and the emergence of new technologies has prompted the world to look for "rare ores", or particularly rare minerals, "lithium," which is used to make many products. From electric vehicle batteries and smartphones to military equipment.

US officials It was estimated in 2010 that the rare mineral resources hidden underground in Afghanistan would be worth $1 trillion. The Afghan government gave the figure three times the US estimate.

battle between different factions After four decades of continuous operation These precious minerals are not being used as they should. And it is expected that the situation will not change in the near future. as the Taliban expressed its desire to restore Shariah law. and turn the clock to bring Afghanistan back to an era where women's rights were restricted. rather than reforming the country towards material prosperity.

However, there were some positive signs. When a superpower like "China" shows an attitude that is ready to make friends with the Taliban. and encouraged these Islamic militants to form an all-inclusive government. Ensure basic freedoms for women and minorities and against terrorist groups that may threaten China, the United States, India or other countries.

“China is a superpower that can give the Taliban what it needs most right now. That is political neutrality. and economic investment,” Zhou Bo, a former senior soldier in the People's Liberation Army, said in an article published in the New York Times. “Afghanistan has what China needs. That is an opportunity to invest in infrastructure and industry. and access to rare mineral deposits that have never been explored before.”

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