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Has anyone ever wondered if เกม slotxo What is serum?? Why is it so popular in continuous use? No matter what brand you go to at the counter, there are plenty of serums to choose from It can be said that it is an indispensable facial skin care item. Today, the INN team will tell you why "serum" is a product that everyone should have with them.

Serum is a facial skin care product with very small molecules. It is a product that is rich in nutrients to nourish the skin intensively. As for the texture of the serum, it is clear. liquid to semi-liquid Maybe it's opaque or colored. Depending on the extract formula design and the ingredients in each formula of each brand that produces the serum I must say that the texture of the serum is much lighter than the cream product. Because of the lightness of the serum, it can be absorbed into the skin quickly and deeply until it can penetrate the skin to the skin structure level. non sticky Does not focus on the coating Makes it less likely to develop acne as well, everyone.

Highlights of the serum In the serum, the concentration of active ingredients (Active Ingredients) is higher than other skin care products. Contains active ingredients against free radicals Contains important acids and vitamins It is effective in helping to restore the skin as well. It is a nourishing food that is more than cream. Ingredients contained in the serum will help to increase collagen and moisture the skin to the fullest. Serum is designed to nourish the skin intensively and on the spot, for example, it helps to solve the problem of dark spots and wrinkles as well. When using a serum, you don't have to use a lot like applying a cream. Only a few drops can be used for incredible results.

how to use serum

Use a face serum while your face is still damp. Because moist skin will allow the serum to penetrate into the skin 10 times better than dry skin if using multiple facial products. Serum should be used first. Because other types of creams have a heavier texture and larger molecules. Causing to clog pores until the serum can not penetrate into the skin at all

And this is the feature of the serum that the INN team has brought to everyone. For anyone who likes tips. You can follow and read here. img

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